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  • TAKE ONE Weekend


    FuelFilm is proud to announce “TAKE ONE” Weekend, October 10-12th! In cooperation with MEMFix: Edge, FuelFilm presents the latest iteration of our ‘48HR Film Launch’ filmmaking event, now called, the TAKE ONE-Weekend! Have you ever wondered what it was like to act in a film or work on a set? Do you have the skills […]

  • Globally Accelerate the Arts!

    Looking to accelerate the arts? Memphis is a city rich with artistic talents. The impact of films on the global community creates capital and economic growth and Fuel Film is making that happen. We’ve already held many events and programs that have moved the film community forward and created a network of awe-inspiring filmmakers in […]

  • What Is a Dogfish Accelerator?


    ac·cel·er·ate [akˈseləˌrāt] verb :begin to move more quickly. :increase in amount or extent. :undergo a change in velocity. Synonyms: speed up, go faster, gain momentum, increase speed, pick up speed, gather speed, put on a spurt To answer the second part first, an accelerator program is an intensive program of mentorship with a schedule of […]

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