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  • What Is a Dogfish Accelerator?

    ac·cel·er·ate [akˈseləˌrāt] verb :begin to move more quickly. :increase in amount or extent. :undergo a change in velocity. Synonyms: speed up, go faster, gain momentum, increase speed, pick up speed, gather speed, put on a spurt To answer the second part first, an accelerator program is an intensive program of mentorship with a schedule of […]

  • Caravan to Film-Com. Plus Pitch Practice

    Film-Com is the annual marketing and distribution conference for film.  Now in it’s fifth year, it has become FuelFilm’s annual trek to Nashvegas to meet distributors, agents and TV development people. If you have a finished screenplay, a great marketing package and are ready to pitch, you should register to do the Direct Presentation Session and […]

  • MAD Men (& Women) May 27th

    Fuel Film announces MAD Men meeting (Marketing And Distribution) for Indie Film – May 27th, 2014. Make a great movie, reward your cast and crew and reap enough profit to make the next one.  If that’s your plan, you’re going to need to master Marketing And Distribution (MAD). Join FuelFilm: Memphis along with Film and Marketing professionals […]

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